“My favorite pieces are always linked to memory.” – CHRISTIAN LIAIGRE

It is clear through many of his designs that his past is one of – if not the – greatest influences of Christian Liaigre’s work.  Liaigre was born in the Vendée region of France where he grew up on his parent’s farm. Christian’s parents bred horses, a detail that has had a substantial influence in his work which has been described as having “strong equestrian flavor.” As a young man he attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he studied painting.  By the early 60’s he returned to Vendée where he worked on his parent’s farm – perhaps re-opening his eyes to the beauty of country living. In the early 1970’s, Liaigre returned to Paris where he worked as a design director at Nobilis Fontan. Eventually, he left Nobilis, as they wouldn’t allow him to show his own furniture. The joke was on them when he opened his own Parisian design studio in the late 80’s.

 Twenty-seven years and an impressive client-list later, and Christian Liaigre’s still one of today’s most sought after designers. A master of luxury interiors, his works include The Mercer hotel in New York, many high profile homes, a gorgeous furniture line, and even a few yachts.  The boy, who once tended horses on that small farm in Vendée, is now a man of great influence and inspiration in the world of design.


1 thought on “Biography

  1. Sascha: I find it very unique how Liaigre’s upbringing strongly inspires his designs and concepts. I can see how by using this element it would bring an emotional connection to others who may have grown up along the same circumstances; therefore making his work very successful. Sounds like he is going to be very interesting to read about!

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